16th July 2015
Don’t use an Electrician for your Garden; it’s a Garden Lighting Specialist you Need!
29th January 2016

Why It’s Important to Hire a Garden Lighting Specialist for Garden Lighting Installations


It’s rare one get’s your standard painter and decorator to create the theme for your internal decoration, yet too often in Garden lighting the themes are being designed by either electricians who mainly concern themselves with standard indoor work or lighting wholesalers. The result is the wrong lights, installed incorrectly, in the wrong places, with little concept of lighting design.

This in turn leads to: water ingress and subsequent electrical failure, the effect creating a substantial amount of glare and the garden looking somewhat untidy during the day. When the aim is actually for you not to see the source of the light at night and not to know you have garden lighting in the day with discreet cleverly located fittings and obviously for it to work!  It is however surprising how many do not due to water ingress or damage to poorly buried or surface cable.

Water is your enemy! Good garden lighting design is from the moment of conception constantly designing against water ingress. To do this successfully you should wherever possible chose fittings that exist above the surface rather than buried into it, make junctions above ground in secure units and limit the amount of 230 feeds to your main armour cable feeds. Whilst remember you are installing an electrical product externally that 365 days of the year 24/7 will be subjected to all that the British weather has to throw at it! Then if that’s not enough you add to that: ourselves in terms of gardeners and kids playing, and animals whether they be wild or domestic.

Indeed too often people treat external installations like internal ones whether it be the installer or the client and once installed somewhat forget about them. However it’s nothing like downlights in a ceiling where barring accidents, such as burst pipes, there is very little ware and tare as they sit calmly in situ. That is why maintenance contracts on quarterly or bi-annual visits are such a fundamental after care requirement to a successfully designed and installed Garden lighting installation. A maintenance contract would invariably involve the cleaning of lenses that always gather dirt outside that obscures the light source, re angling fittings that have been knocked by people or animals and testing whether the system, that is anything but in a vacuum, is working successfully or needs any minor onsite repairs. Yes you can do this yourself, but how many months is it that you have been promising to change that downlight bulb at the top of the stairs yet it still sits there off! Times that by tenfold for the garden with best laid plans! For unless you are a real enthusiast or have a lot of time on your hands it simply won’t get done! For more information on our bespoke services we offer, contact us today.


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