Urban Gardens

As a business we are seeing a rise in demand for Garden Lighting in smaller more urban Gardens. Mainly due to younger demographics with a higher rate of disposable income demanding more from their outdoor space and becoming more and more tech savvy; enjoying controlling technology from their phone or tablet device.

Sadly, mainstream wired DIY products and solar fittings simply don’t deliver what people hope, representing a waste of time and money in the main. Indeed many of our urban garden installations involve the initial rip out of such products.

Here is a general guide to the average cost of such installations:


Terrace house

1 man, 1 day installation, installing: 6 x lights, 1 x outdoor transformer, cabling all dug in where possible and simple switching. = £1200 + vat
(To put this onto your phone for switching the entry level additional cost would be an additional£150)

Semi-detached house

2 man, 2 day installation, installing: 12 x lights, 2 x outdoor transformers, cabling all dug in where possible and simple switching. = £2400 + vat
(Again to put this onto your phone for switching the entry level additional cost would be an additional £150)

Obviously as the above variables change, the price will vary to suit as more lights have knock on implications for all other variables with transformers increasing in number, cabling lengths increasing, installation time increasing, and the increased wattage expanding the electrical and switching implications. (Indeed wattage implications will see the phone switching device change to accommodate, with the next price point of entry being at £350.)

Also each property will be subject to it’s own environment as the above examples assume we have an easily accessible suitable power supply and have no difficult hard standing obstacles to overcome such as driveways and patios, for these can significantly increase the installation time having a knock on effect on total cost. This would be determined upon survey which these days is either done remotely by video or an on-site survey dependant upon size of project and distance.

The scale of our projects now range from these one day £1200 projects all the way up to around 3 month country estate installation projects where we are installing hundreds of lights with total costs in excess of £50,000, and everything in between.

What we always recommend for our larger installations is for you to take one of our design packages, highlighted in detail on the design section of the site. However for the smaller urban gardens we offer a couple of other options: firstly a scaled down version of the design which sits as a comprehensive email highlighting in text form the position of every light and why, along with a fully priced kit list for the installation. For this we charge £250 + vat and do this remotely from video as we believe this is the most cost effective way for you to achieve the urban garden design you require. However if for some reason you do require a site visit you have two further options: The email design package with site visit at £450 + vat, or simply just the site visit with everything explained and discussed verbally with a price worked out at the end of the visit for 200 + vat.

First and foremost we are a lighting design driven company and we sell our knowledge of lighting design, backed up by are 16 years of experience of what kit actually works and how to install it. We have chose not to grow as a volume business preferring specialised lighting design as our key focus and for that reason always charge for our time and knowledge as we are always offering design not just an estimate.

Finally if you were to take up either of these three offers and ever wanted post installation a plan of your garden (available in the normal design package) that was adapted into a wiring diagram and laminated to highlighted where all cables and transformers are located for future reference for gardeners, builders or just yourselves!, then there would be an additional cost of £125 + vat for us to create it at this point.

Urban Design Consultancy

Remote email package

£250/ + vat

On-site email package

£450/ + vat

On-site discussion package

£200/ + vat

Additional wiring diagram add on

£125/ + vat

Let's talk about your new project

    1How long does it take to install garden lighting?
    The simple answer to this is: if done well longer than you assume as it is very labour intensive. With obviously each job being subject to the variables you would assume of size of property and number of lights/equipment required that directly impacts on the time. Read more
    2Should the cables be buried in your garden?
    Where on display yes the cables should be buried and down to an 18 inch depth with caution tape half way up the trench as a warning to would be diggers. However cables can be on the surface and where they cannot be seen and depth maybe impeded by continuous route systems such as hedge lines they can be strategically threaded down them on the surface. Shallow burying should not occur on 230v armour cable at all and although you can on 12v cable it will only just lead to excessive damage to cable runs over time.
    We also offer a laminated wiring diagram to clients highlighting where all cables 230v and 12v are either buried or run, as well as locations of transformers and drivers for future ease of maintenance.
    3Will your installation come with an electrical certification?
    Yes all our installations are Part P certified and tested and our installed in line with the current regulations.
    4Can we install it ourselves?
    You can and some people do, but we would always recommend that you do it in line with a certified/qualified electrician. However that may not be enough as many electricians don't have enough experience with the outdoors, highlighted by the number of poorest installed systems we have now had to go out and replace. Here more often than not they have chosen poor quality cheap equipment, not located things in the best positions and not respected water in their overall design of the system.

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