Our design service

Our team of designers can offer a solution to any outdoor lighting requirement whether decorative, functional or security driven. We design, install and maintain flexible schemes using cutting-edge switching systems tailored to individual needs from fully integrated dimmable solutions to one zone remote switching.

Our core focus for design which works well and now represents about 80% of our design is the remote design package, as in our mind technology has made this the best option. For this we would require videos of the garden, with commentary from yourself (with obviously the more detail the better) that can be sent by either, what's app, drop box, Vimeo or something similar. From these and any landscaping plans, if available, being sent we will put a design package together which details firstly in script what lights are going where and why, backed up by a lighting layout design to show positions in plan view of each light. For this service we charge £400 + vat, payable up front.

What you will also receive from us is a kit list and price for us to supply you the equipment if you so wish, then if you do chose to proceed with purchase this will arrive with a suggested wiring diagram layout drawn onto another set of your landscape plans.

This is where our service can end, however there are other support options available, where if you are getting the installation installed by local electricians we can come on, for instance, the first and the last day to offer design support, placing the lights in their exact position and offering initial advice for installation once on the ground and upon completing angling and tweaking the lights to maximise the effect. For this we charge £400 + vat per day, plus travel dependant on distance. Also if you need advice and help through the installation we could come out for a day during the process. We will obviously take calls throughout the process at no cost, but any further design done remotely would be charged.

Also the other option for the design is the on site design package and site visit which to do that is £600 + vat, plus travel expenses where distance is concerned. This these days seems only required on large estates or with clients that have very specific requirements that they want to highlight in person.

Finally, we build flexibility into all our designs so that your scheme can be modified, developed or upgraded in the future and it can be adapted as your garden grows or your design changes.

Garden design consultancy prices:

2 hours

£200 / + vat

1/2 day

£300 / + vat

All above prices are based on the locality of the North West of England and would be adjusted to suit for working further afield. For further details please contact us on the forms on the website or give us a call.

Our installation service

Although we are a design and consultancy driven company we do obviously consider the full installation ourselves. We run our own in-house specialised team on a constant flow of installations resulting in a heavy work schedule that is mainly in the locality of the North West and working away for prolonged periods of time often unfortunately can't be scheduled in. However exceptions are made where it is deemed appropriate and achievable.

Our Installations as previously mentioned are carried out by our own experienced qualified technicians. Each installation is under our onsite control and we work very closely with you to ensure that we execute the agreed design as specified and as you envisaged.

16 years of installing garden lighting systems in every type of garden in every type of weather has made us very experienced in what works and what doesn't. Leaving us with the time served knowledge of what systems stand the test of time and why.

Finally every effort is made to complete the installation as quickly and as efficiently as possible to reduce the disruption for you and your garden to a minimum.

Our maintenance service

When you have made the investment in transforming your garden with one of our lighting schemes it makes sense to maintain it as far as possible in its installed state. Over time weather can affect lenses, bulbs reach the end of their life and light direction can be changed by light fittings being bumped etc. For it must always be remembered you are installing a system in the great outdoors! Where it will be subject to such things as rain, snow, wind and animals to name but a few!

Unlike many companies our service does not finish with the installation. We support you by offering our standard 2 hour call out option at £160 + vat, during this time we can usually fix or change anything that is damaged, whilst offering such other services as cleaning lights and lenses, changing bulbs, and adjusting light angles of things have been knocked. With any additional hours being charged at £40 + vat per man hour.

It’s a measure of the quality and duration of our installations that we are still maintaining and developing lighting schemes that we initially installed 16 years ago.


  • How much time and hard work do you put into making your garden beautiful and attractive, yet you can only really appreciate it for part of the year?
  • How often on a dark winters evening do you sit in your living room or conservatory looking out onto black mirror-like windows, when you could be enjoying a view of your favourite part of your garden?
  • How often do you want to stay outdoors on a summer’s evening and enjoy your garden but are reluctantly forced indoors as darkness descends?
  • Garden Lighting by Design Ltd will help you enjoy your garden, enhance its appearance, increase your security and bring the garden into your home all year round.

Let's talk about your new project

    1How long does it take to install garden lighting?
    The simple answer to this is: if done well longer than you assume as it is very labour intensive. With obviously each job being subject to the variables you would assume of size of property and number of lights/equipment required that directly impacts on the time. Read more
    2Should the cables be buried in your garden?
    Where on display yes the cables should be buried and down to an 18 inch depth with caution tape half way up the trench as a warning to would be diggers. However cables can be on the surface and where they cannot be seen and depth maybe impeded by continuous route systems such as hedge lines they can be strategically threaded down them on the surface. Shallow burying should not occur on 230v armour cable at all and although you can on 12v cable it will only just lead to excessive damage to cable runs over time.
    We also offer a laminated wiring diagram to clients highlighting where all cables 230v and 12v are either buried or run, as well as locations of transformers and drivers for future ease of maintenance.
    3Will your installation come with an electrical certification?
    Yes all our installations are Part P certified and tested and our installed in line with the current regulations.
    4Can we install it ourselves?
    You can and some people do, but we would always recommend that you do it in line with a certified/qualified electrician. However that may not be enough as many electricians don't have enough experience with the outdoors, highlighted by the number of poorest installed systems we have now had to go out and replace. Here more often than not they have chosen poor quality cheap equipment, not located things in the best positions and not respected water in their overall design of the system.

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