Garden Lighting Design is Ever Evolving
19th February 2016

Re-designing outdoor lighting systems


When it comes to designing Garden Lighting there are many different projects we come across, whether it be designing an outdoor lighting system from scratch or re-designing an existing system to incorporate a better design.

We often find that a lot of previously installed lighting systems haven’t been designed correctly in relation to the wiring and placement of the lights, this is where we have to map out a new design and work with the current foundations.

Our latest project tackled this issue and we were happy to complete the job to enhance the best features of the garden through the best design.

Re-design specifics included:

Over the last month we have been re-designing of outdoor lighting system at a substantial property in Bowdon. The client had received a classic ‘developer’ garden lighting scheme for his recently built detached property situated in half an acre of land, namely an abundance of wall lights but insufficient focus on key garden features. This we addressed with the client highlighting the reason this is often not done by less experienced garden lighters (internal electricians), namely the extensive cabling that in the main requires burying if done correctly and the impact that has on time and consequently budget. The client in this case was very aware and understanding of what would be required and the implications for that, however this is usually the toughest part of the job for garden lighting designers/installers, namely the point of sale, for many others assume that a large project that could take up to a month to install will be achieved in a matter of days!

The job itself went as expected totally transforming the property at night and left one of our best clients to date, extremely happy with the results.

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