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8th July 2014
Light and safety
30th October 2014

Outdoor Lighting


As a nation we are slowly being encouraged by the design of bi-folding doors, flush floor transitions, awnings etc to start venturing outside with design. We British are looking to design and landscape our outdoor space but we are still a long way behind our European counterparts. We blame the weather for our lack of imagination yet other European countries experience the seasons and use their outdoor space all year round.

In Summer we enjoy our outdoor space but tend to write it off in the colder months. When nights draw in and darkness descends  a well-designed outdoor lighting system enables you to enjoy elements of your outside space from a visual perspective, literally highlighting your outdoor investment. Outdoor lighting increases the coziness and warmth the lights bring to the winter months while, at the same time, increasing security.

More and more people are becoming aware of the huge benefits of well-designed outdoor space and, increasingly, advancements in technology help to accelerate the potential for this progression.


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