Don’t use an Electrician for your Garden; it’s a Garden Lighting Specialist you Need!
29th January 2016
Re-designing outdoor lighting systems
29th June 2016

Garden Lighting Design is Ever Evolving


In recent times we are more and more designing Garden Lighting Installations remotely, whether that be for clients located in other areas of the country or abroad, as well as electricians interested in installing Garden lights for clients and want that knowledge, experience, product and design back up.

What is firstly required for us to achieve this successfully is photos and a video of the property to be sent via email. If the imagery is sufficient then we are adept at creating a design from this. At this point if you have any opinions or requests of your own it is a good time to make them clear.

You then have two choices:

Firstly you can receive a comprehensive email describing what is suggested and where. Along with a suggested kit list, that would be priced leaving you with the option to buy off us if you so wish. To do this it would cost £250 + vat.

Secondly if you wanted the addition of a hand drawn plan of your garden emailed to you highlighting where every light would be located, in plan view, that you could then print off to refer to, this would bring the design package in total to £400 + vat. (The added benefit of the plan is post installation you can turn it into a wiring diagram highlighting where all cables are buried, this we recommend you then laminate so you can give it to gardeners etc working in your garden in the future).

Which ever option is more suited to you, the design package is required to be paid up front before work commences.

The key to Garden Lighting is the planning, get a professional design done to ensure your lighting is installed properly and in the right places as well as preventing any problems for the future. Get in touch here for further details or simply call us direct on 0845 601 5763.

Garden Lighting By Design has over 14 years of experience of lighting gardens using state of the art quality fittings and technology. We are experts n this field and provide a quality service whether it be designing, installing or maintaining anything from your urban garden to your country mansion.

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