Why It’s Important to Hire a Garden Lighting Specialist for Garden Lighting Installations
26th October 2015
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19th February 2016

Don’t use an Electrician for your Garden; it’s a Garden Lighting Specialist you Need!


We have been in business now since 2001 when the trend for garden lighting started to kick off. In the early days 95% of our jobs were new installs for either existing or to be landscaped private gardens. However what we are seeing now is that at present around 40% of our workload is re-designing failing systems that have been installed by someone who is not a Garden Lighting Specialist. The Garden Lighting design usually fails on both the look and the installation, with poorly considered fittings more often than not located in the wrong places, with cable not buried just strewn around the planting beds, and finally failing to perform as they begin to trip and we are called out.

This occurs because the homeowner, or the homeowner before them, has not employed a garden lighting specialist. Rather an internal electrician spreading their wings to the exterior. Firstly I have met very few normal electricians who are experts on lighting design, this fact may not be as obvious in the house if your system only requires grid patterns for down lights, pendants, wall lights and lamps, but when it comes to garden lighting design it is not that straight forward at all. There are many different variables which determine the best way to light an individual property, and each garden is intrinsically different to the next.

Once the electrician has done his or hers design then they don’t realise what is involved in delivering a comprehensive installation, they under-price and soon find themselves chasing their tails, nothing is dug in properly with cable strewn around the beds, the fittings are cheap and unsuitable more often than not and they haven’t taken the time to get them to the correct places (which is usually the base of what your are lighting, and then lighting up at it) because these areas are obviously where the routes are to be found which makes the digging a more painstaking process. ┬áThe result is either glaring light pointing sideways and polluting light everywhere, as they over-spec it’s power to compensate for the distance it resides away from what requires light, or the opposite cheap little underpowered fittings you can find on mainstream shelves which are inherently underwhelming.

We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to pay for good quality Garden Lighting Design from a Garden lighting Specialist. Contact us today.


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